Negative Effects Of Email

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Does email influence the good way people live and behave? Student Name: Mingmei Hao Student Number: D00170530 Course: Film and Television Production Word count: 926 Introduction Email is one of the greatest technical communications people have created in the past few decades. That can be difficult how life will be without emails. However, does everyone feel comfortable when he works with email? Is email occupying high proportion of the ways people communicate? In which aspect it influences mostly? How people think about the positive outlook of email? This essay will discuss about how people communicate by email and both advantages and drawbacks of email communication mainly in work environment. Main Body Today people are…show more content…
But even so, some people do not feel the same: it does have drawbacks. A recent study shows that one third of office workers suffer from email pressure. (Limberg, 2008)People may feel tired, frustrated and shattered after long email working. It could be said that email also becomes the major source of great stress unfortunately when people are on the edge of working overload. In the era of email overwhelming, what is the starting of email? Back to the history in 1971, (Limberg, 2008)Ray Tomlinson found a code between two computers. After that the first email was born from then. But he did not realise some results until later, which is emails do cause some issues. What is more, one funny thing is that modern communication like email allows workaholics to work and slackers to slack. (McGrath, 2008)Obviously, the outcome of using email can be quite extreme. However in many cases, people are suffering from hundreds and thousands of emails in the workplace, which is becoming a serious problem. (Domics, 2013)People concerned and go crazy after dealt with emails. It even effects what they behave; few of them feel comfortable if they are undergoing a painful state of dysphoria and anxiety through all day. That is true people do not need to love email. For some people, email is one of the most pernicious stressors of their time. This is according to professor Cary Cooper. (Limberg, 2008) It should not be assumed that email is always the
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