Positive And Negative Effects Of Energy Drinks

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Energy Drinks effects
Mutlaq AL-Hajeri (0011682)
ENGL 110 Section 51
Donna F. Spears
Full Semester 2015

Abstract Red Bull, Monster and 5 Hour Energy are all popular brands of energy drinks. While energy drinks are not a new product, their popularity has soared in the last decade. Advertising promises the consumer instant and long lasting energy to make it through the afternoon at work or through an evening of dancing. Some drinks even advertise themselves as all natural or contains no artificial ingredients which mislead consumers into thinking they are safe to consume. The ingredients range from innocuous such as spring water to common such as caffeine. B vitamins are another common ingredient which leads
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Since that time they have spread in popularity. Energy is a highly valued commodity in the world today. Humans are required to work eight to ten hour days, work out, take care of personal business, raise children, enjoy an active social life and frankly, it is exhausting. Energy drinks satisfy a growing need in the population today, energy in a can. Energy drinks taste refreshing and give you a boost when you need it most. The appeal of saving calories and refraining from turning to candy bars or cocaine is strong. Energy drinks seem to fit into modern life’s demands. The list of ingredients appears simple and even nutritious. According to research, energy drinks that are consumed in moderation appear safe, even beneficial; excessive consumption, however can lead to negative and serious health effects. Excessive consumption of caffeine and energy drinks and the negative physical effects, consumption by teens and young adults leads to negative consequences and mixing alcohol and energy drinks is dangerous these are the reasons why the energy drinks are…show more content…
Ishak, Ugochukwu, Bagot, Khalili and Zaky (2012) also performed a literature review in order to determine the psychological effects of energy drinks. The authors point out that energy drinks are not a new idea or a product; sodas such as cola and coffee have long been drunk in order to get a boost of energy. However, the current energy drinks on the market contain excessive amounts of caffeine (more than 150 milligrams). The review of research uncovered both the benefits and consequences of energy drinks on mental well-being. Several studies documented that subjects demonstrated improved cognitive functioning and skills after consuming an energy drink. Focus and attention were increased for both short periods of time and longer periods such as an entire day (Ishak, Ugochukwu, Bagot, Khalili and Zaky 2012). One study saw an increase in rapid visual information processes and higher energy level and less fatigue in subjects that received caffeine and glucose (Ishak, Ugochukwu, Bagot, Khalili and Zaky 2012). Subjects in another study showed improved short term memory and improved mood after consumption of an energy drink (Ishak, Ugochukwu, Bagot, Khalili and Zaky
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