Negative Effects Of Erosion

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What objects can prevent soil erosion the best? Erosion is the process in which the Earth’s surface gets worn down by the forces of nature, which can be a good or a bad thing. A beneficial result of erosion is the movement of nutrient rich soil to new areas. New plants and trees can grow in those areas, aiding people as well as animals. Erosion can form riverbanks, caves, wetlands, and other habitats for animals to live in. An adverse effect is the devastation to civilized areas. Homes and property can be destroyed from major erosion.
Erosion occurs in all parts of the world and in all environments. There are five main types: wind, water, glacier, mass movement, and coastal. Each type of erosion has a greater impact in some areas rather than others. For example, wind has more influence in areas with small sand particles than in a place with large and heavy particles of Earth. Even though you may not be able to see erosion happen directly, it is likely that you have seen a result of it such as landslides, rivers, canyons, and carved stone.
This experiment will evaluate various ways to decrease or prevent soil from eroding. Measuring how much soil washes away as water is poured onto it determines the most effective method. This will help us create new ways to stop water erosion. BODY

Erosion is the process in which the Earth’s surface gets worn down. There are 5 types of erosion that occur: water, wind, glacier, coastal, and mass movement. The
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