Negative Effects Of Fear In Society

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Fear is often described as a feeling that occurs when danger is perceived, it causes changes not only in our behavior but also in our body by altering our metabolism and organ functions. However, in today’s world fear is used in almost every situation to either control or keep people intact with each other. To enter a civil society everyone is expected to follow a similar set of rules and if they fail to do so then they are seen as peculiar. This demonstrates that most of the time people act not because they want to but because they are afraid of the consequences that will follow if they don’t and vice versa. Therefore, the argument of this essay would be based on the negative impacts of fear on the human behavior and its diminishing effects not only on society but also on people. To begin with, the essay would focus on Lars Svendsen’s examination of fear and…show more content…
A common example of this is political campaigns and speeches that use fear to evoke the desired reaction from their citizens. Donald Trump used a similar campaign where he talked about terrorism in great lengths to be able to show people that he will protect the country. People in return voted for him because they were afraid to put their lives or the lives of their loved ones in danger. However, such campaigns only seem to be toying with people’s emotions and do not guarantee anything in the future, therefore, leading towards a manipulative society. Svendsen believed that such selfish agendas lead to betrayal and an unhappy life because it forces people to deceive one another for the sole purpose of achieving what they want. A result of this is that humans have started living their lives more securely than freely. He further argues that fear is a result of boredom and boredom comes from security, therefore, such fear is not natural, it is manufactured by the society to control
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