Negative Effects Of Gang Violence

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Gangs are negative groups of people to associate with. They are composed of very dangerous people. Gangs and gang violence should be eliminated so that the amount of people that get harmed because of these can be decreased. Gang violence should be stopped because it negatively affects businesses, schools, and communities.
Gang violence can inflict negative effects on businesses. It can cause people to be afraid to visit businesses and go shopping. If gang violence occurs near a business, the business could potentially see a major decline in customers. Gang violence could also lead to crime within a business. An example of this would be members of gangs attempting to steal money from a business. Gang members could also …show more content…

It can influence young teens into doing many things that could potentially ruin their lives. Teens that are negatively influenced by gangs often start doing drugs and drinking alcohol under the necessary age requirement. This can lead to addiction to drugs, which can also lead to health problems. Teens that are influenced by gangs are often at risk of dropping out of school. These teens could start to direct their attention to gangs rather than to their school work. Young adults may want to join gangs because of the money that they might earn through illegal processes. Their grades could start to drop and they could potentially have a difficult time finding jobs. Young teens could begin joining gangs at as young as ages 13 and 15 ("Violence"). Gang rivalries could also happen at schools. This could be a major problem for school systems. Another major problem would be selling drugs at schools. Teens might also start joining gangs because of their peers. The peers that are in their classes could influence them into joining gangs ("Youth"). These young teens could also get into trouble and be sent to juvenile …show more content…

Children and teens are more at risk of being affected by gang violence. 10 to 16 year olds are often affected by gang violence. Types of common forms of gang violence include assault and kidnapping (“PTSD"). Teens and children could have medical problems by the cause of gang violence in their communities. Parents can be worried about their children also, parents can be too protective of their children. Community gangs can affect a person on gangs, alcohol and drug use. The communities can join together to end the gang violence in their communities. According to gang prevention, “In 2010 4,828 young people aged 10 to 24 were victims of homicide an average of 13 each day in 2010”

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