Negative Effects Of Globalisation On Western Culture

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Mahatma Gandhi once said, “No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive”. It is hence crucial for cultures to integrate and be as inclusive as possible for it be passed down in the future. In today’s increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, more and more cultures are becoming incorporated and fused within one melting pot – which is the result of globalisation. Globalisation is defined as the process of increasing the connectivity of the world’s ideas and attitudes across borders. This process has brought about a strong effect on the ideas, customs and social behaviour of many societies in the world, both positive and negative. Globalisation has led to a loss of one’s traditional culture and a stronger belief in Western ideologies.…show more content…
People will hence look up to western culture and slowly forget their own culture traditions. Sen (2002) argues that “globalization is often seen as global Westernization and it is a marvellous contribution of Western civilization to the world”. As Western countries are usually the trendsetters, people would tend to be inclined towards them to keep up with the times. This can be seen from the spreading of popular culture such as MTV, rap music and Hollywood music. Another example would be in India. It can be seen in the movie industry. Nonetheless, globalisation cannot be viewed entirely as a bane. It brings about positive effects as well. One of them would be the increase of awareness of foreign culture citizens have. Through the spread of customs via globalisation, diverse cultures can be blended into one melting point, therefore increasing the awareness of foreign culture citizens have. A person can learn about the history and way of life of people all around the world through travelling, surfing the internet and watching foreign movies from their own home. Platforms such as CBS, NBC, YouTube and National Geographic are accessible in many parts of the world, which serves as a useful tool for people to understand other cultures. This has allowed for people all around the world to know more and understand each other better. Differences are embraced and mutual respect is developed, thus preventing misunderstandings as people would already know have a basic understanding of the other’s culture thus avoid accidentally offending each

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