Negative Effects Of Globalization In China

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Globalization is one of the most talked about subject and concept in recent times. It has become an inescapable reality of today’s society. Over the past few years it has grown significantly while showing that no country is immune to it. It has further affected nations in three major aspects; socially, economically and politically. The term refers to a global process by which different societies, cultures and regional economies integrate through a worldwide network of political ideas through transformation, communication and trade. Some argue that globalization is not a tool to produce equality of outcome but it produces equality of opportunity for countries.
Early forms of globalization began during times of empires like the Roman and Parthian empires. The 19th century, however, marks a period characterized by rapid growth in international trade and investment between the European imperial powers, their colonies and later the US, thus is sometimes called ‘the first era of globalization’. The gold standard crisis and in the late 1920s is the reason
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Unfortunately, the negative impacts of globalization in China outweigh the positive effects like in the rest of the world. Sustainable development has become a common term in the world of growth and globalization. Therefore, for any country to prosper more positively and minimise negative effects it has to be in line with sustainability and China has failed to be one that does that. Over the years, academics have expressed fears that the significant global economy exposure from China will result in salary cuts and job losses based on global market change. This may then lead to use of labourers like child workers and prisoners working in inhumane conditions. Consequences of such may lead to the aphorism of “the rich get richer and the poor get
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