Negative Effects Of Globalization In The Philippines

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CALELAO, Kyla Ellen, M. SURVIVING THE CYNICAL EFFECT OF GLOBALIZATION IN THE COUNTRY “We were all humans until, race disconnected us, religion separated us, politics divided us, and wealth classified us.” Despite of the great impact of it in the advancement of our country, globalization has been threatening our lives and the worst thing is that we, Filipinos, are not aware of this threat brought by the phenomenon. The widening of the gap between the rich and poor people, a result of globalization, puts the Philippines deeper in the quicksand of poverty and also causes social injustices among men. The deprivation of jobs and resources from its own citizens causes the people to die unattended. The possibilities of the widespread of diseases…show more content…
The universal human rights are so important in the country because Philippines is not an enlightened world where people love and trust each other. The Declaration of Universal Human Rights is an agreement that defines what human rights of all people are and as human beings, we are supposed to make them a reality - not a dream. The only problem today is that they are not widely promoted and taught as they should be at schools and by government. The universal human rights must be promoted and known in order for us to defend ourselves from violence, and also in order for those cruel rulers of the state to realize we have such things as universal human rights, that they and those oppressed are both humans and both have human dignity- therefore, both must be respected…show more content…
For Aristotle, happiness is the end and purpose of human existence. To pursue happiness is to go for telos. Happiness is neither pleasure nor virtue, but an exercise of virtue. Happiness cannot be achieved until the end of one’s life. Hence, it is a goal not a temporary state. The pursuit of happiness has been equated with the exercise of virtue, and virtue is to moral character. I suggest the emphasiz-ation of the pursuit of happiness as an obligation of man since Filipinos are easily motivated with the use of consequences, because the only way to achieve happiness is to act with virtue, they will act morally otherwise, they will die without achieving happiness which is the ultimate goal in the life of a human person. The pursuit of happiness will push the Filipino people towards virtue. For instance, Binay wants to be the DILG cabinet secretary in order for his name to be known all over the Philippines in preparation in the incoming 2016 election. However, the purpose of Binay to run in position is to steal the money of the country, and we all know that stealing money from the Filipino people will lead to various problems such as poverty and hunger which may result to death. Based on Aristole’s, this is against the telos. Binay is not exercising virtue. If only the pursuit of happiness is introduced to Binay, there is a great possibilty that he will

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