Negative Effects Of Globalization

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What is globalization?

Globalization is a process that refers to the way people, companies, and governments of different nations communicate and unite based on the mutual incentive of international trade and investment. All this is having been assisted by information technology.

Globalization is a term that was only established as recently as the 1970s. However, some academics believe it began much earlier. It has had a huge impact on the world and became much more noticeable in the late 19th and early 20th century. The world’s economies and cultures came together and grew rapidly. This began with telecommunications networks such as the internet. The internet allowed access to a vast amount of data, and the ability to communicate and trade globally. Therefore, creating economic growth and building bridges between countries that may never have had the chance to interact.

Is it good, bad, or inevitable? Well, in my opinion it is all three.

To begin with, there is irrefutable evidence to show the positive impact of economic globalization across the world. Countries that have opened their doors to international trade and investments from foreign corporations have prospered exponentially. Governments that have adopted relatively similar policies and mindsets of current hegemonic powers, have gained allies and their people have acquired a higher level of freedom and equality. International trade creates countless amounts of jobs, it boosts the development of a country 's
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