Negative Effects Of Having A Party

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This story is about the positive and negative effects of having a party at your house and the fun parts of it. It all started at my house way back in September 2017, everything was perfect and people were getting there and bringing food and I was getting the game set up to play while we were waiting for everyone to arrive. When everyone got there we began to play and everyone was having lots of fun. I had 16 people crammed into my living room which is small. I had obtained a giant bag of candy and it put in a bowl for everyone to have. This was a good idea because everyone likes candy, then everyone started throwing the candy and it was covering my floor in the living room, it was also on my couch and underneath it also. Then we all took a break and some people decided to go outside for a little bit. I had some free stuff at the end of my driveway and they snagged a croquet set and started hitting…show more content…
The negative effect is that your house will probably be a mess after. My house was a complete wreck, like a tornado went through it after I had the tournament. There was candy all over the place and there were cups and plates everywhere too. My dogs were vomiting up candy that was still in the wrappers for several days after I had the party. After the party ended, multiple people stayed and helped me tidy up the living room a great deal, which was awesome and honestly helped me out a bunch. The positive is that you will have a great time and you also get to hang out with your best friends. Hanging out with your buddies is always unquestionably a fun time. You always make good memories when hanging with friends, some memories you just can not ever forget about. It also strengthens the bonds between you and your pals when you hang out together and have fun. In the end the mess and all the other junk was well worth it because we all had a great time and loads of
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