Negative Effects Of Heavy Metal Music

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Heavy metal has been known for its rage and crazy lyrics that people at times can relate, or cope, and sometimes just to enjoy it. Those who oppose listening to this type of music believe that this genre is for those with anger problems, mental, and those who will eventually be delinquents. Plenti of research has been done to argue if it is true or not that heavy metal has an impact on crime and behavior. As it seems like various studies have been done and still have not come up with an answer as if it is true or not, but those studies brought more than just knowing if the taste of music does lead to criminal acts. It also showed how peers like family and friends have also an impact on their behavior and possibly their delinquency.
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“Youth who preferred heavy metal music and were low in parental supervision had higher rates of delinquency” (Brandl 118). It is understandable that those that have parents who are not true parents, but also listen to heavy metal music are likely to commit crime. At times, adolescents listen to the lyrics depending what they are emotions are feeling like, and at times depending on those emotions it can stir anger and various other moods that can likely cause an outcome. An outcome being like breaking rules at home, lacking in education, soon breaking the law, and eventually the use of drugs and alcohol. But in all, it does not support that heavy metal music has an impact in these types of situations. It all depends on the person on the genre, the artist, and the lyrics the choose to listen…show more content…
Music and the certain type of genre can change their mood, but it will not change someone’s behavior and the way they will act towards others. “Those youth who are weak in intelligence, according to Barich, are more likely to take the words of heavy metal music seriously in justifying their delinquent behavior” (Brandl 112). It seems as for those who take the lyrics and its literal meaning behind them and dealing with a life situation that can relate to those words can trigger something in someone, but those with more self-control. Someone with depression will listen to a sad song, and if they constantly did this for numerous of days or weeks, it can likely make it worse on them. This does not mean it causes them to commit any crimes, as the statement made is that it lowers them mentality rather than showing how they act towards
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