Negative Effects Of High School Students

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Currently, Americans understand many high school students display signs of daunting results regarding the effects of school stresses. So, why have we not been able to capitalize on the social, physical, emotional/psychological, mental, behavioral, and technological negative impacts that hurt students rather than guide them to better academic success. With this said, we certainly will not see immediate results in the near future regarding high school students. So, how do we know they have been negatively impacted throughout high school? Not only are one in five students clinically depressed, but according to Robert Leahy, director of American Institute of Cognitive Therapy, “the average high school kid today has the same level of anxiety as the average psychiatric patient in the early 1950’s.” Furthermore, our educational system compels its high school students to develop “life-skills, personal responsibility, and uniqueness.” This method of teaching and learning ultimately causes stress and eventually the exact opposite effects of what the system wants to come about. As much as the educational board wants students to enjoy school and pursue a lifelong career, Forty-five percent of high school teenagers admit they suffer from school pressures which can lead to missing school as well as academic deterioration. Today’s, social impacts among high school teenagers badly affect social development between student-teacher interactions and peer interactions. Student-teacher
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