Negative Effects Of I Robot

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In I, Robot, the movie based on the tales of Isaac Asimov, the most advanced robotic system, VIKI (Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence), has been designed to flawlessly run all the operation of a large metropolis, from management of the subway system to the electric grid of thousands of household. VIKI which is designed to serve humanity had questioned humanity itself as humanity’s greatest enemy then seize control of the humanity. This movie poses following question: Will machine one day take over human race and its existence become threats to human? According to Merriam Webster, machine may be defined as a piece of equipment with moving part that does work when it is given power from electricity or gasoline thus reducing human effort. The current trend shows that machine that is originally created to make our life more comfortable, turns out to have profound impacts on our lives. In Kun Shan, China, Foxconn factory had reduced its employee amount from 110000 to more than half which is 50000, credit to the replacement of labour with machine . In this essay, by investigating and analysing the negative impact of the rise of machine from few distinct perspectives, rise of machine can definitely be harmful to human. The purpose of writing this essay is to discuss the negative impact of machine on human from scientific, economic and social perspective. Due to the rapid development in science and technology, our current society has been becoming increasingly dependent on
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