Negative Effects Of Illegal Logging

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- Imagine a scene when our once green and beautiful planet became dull and dusty. Humans are struggling to find food, water, and shelter from the scorching sun.
This is what will happen if humans keep logging illegally. The future is in our hands and we are destroying it.
- the ramifications of illegal logging are negative to the environment, economy, and communities.
Illegal logging negatively impacts the environment.
Sara Salavikova from Greentumble states, “Illegal logging and deforestation play a huge role in climate change and green house gas emissions. Forest regulates local climates and is a significant carbon dioxide levels. Not only does illegal logging and deforestation lead to lower land area with forest cover, but it also accounts for approximately 11% of carbon emissions.” this means that illegal logging is one of the leading causes of climate changes, which can easily turn into serious disaster like flood, tornado, and drought etc. however that’s not all, illegal logging not just change the climates, but also responsible for the disappearing of forest around the world. she also claims that illegal logging caused serious problem for biodiversity. Species from both plants and animals that are short in numbers are approaching to extinction even more. The pace of species loss has increased significantly these days. The amount of loss can only compare to big natural disasters like “volcanic eruptions”. Scientists warn that the loss can have a time delay. Thus we
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