Negative Effects Of Immigration

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Immigration has been a major issue since the last few decades. With rising immigrants in an economy, their impact on the economy is manifold. Lack of jobs in home country, Civil war/ Political Instability, Higher standards of living is some of the factors that are responsible for migration of labour and leads to immigration. Negative impacts of immigration lead to overcrowding and unemployment, depressing wage rates, trafficking, racial injustice and intolerance and certain other hardships of the society. But immigration has its positive impact also. Immigration raises the labour supply and boosts up production. With cheap abundant labour, the economy opens up for further investment and economic development. The immigrants are willing for any job that satisfies them to maintain the standard of living in host country. In the American context there are some unwanted jobs according to the native Americans, which are taken up by the immigrants as they are unskilled or not well educated. The recent issue of immigration is causing turmoil in the domestic policies of the European Union 's Member States. Coming to very recent trends, the political unrest and civil wars in Middle East Africa and Asian countries like Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea, and Nigeria are causing huge influx of immigrants, in Europe. These people are forced to migrate to sustain their lives and ultimately they end up into refugees or immigrants. According to UNHCR estimates more than 3, 80,000 migrants and
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