Negative Effects Of Immigration

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Immigration “One they 're terrorists. Two they 're escaping the law or three they 're hungry. They can´t make a living in their own dirtbag country” (Soto). Immigration is when one or more people from another country illegally convey themselves to another country to have a better life or to get closer to families. More than 11.3 million immigrants came to the U.S. in 2016. Each year, approximately 300 thousand immigrants get deported, which means they get sent back to their original country . Some people may think positive about immigration however, immigration is negative due to economic issues, mass deportations, and terroristic threats. Illegal immigration hurts the economy because the more immigrants that come in, the more money that the government loses. For example, the U.S. government loses over 116 million dollars each year and the number keeps rising as more immigrants come in. The government loses this money because since the illegal immigrants don 't pay any type of taxes and put themselves into many welfare programs. When an immigrant puts himself or herself into a welfare plan, the government will pay them a certain amount of money each month, but the immigrants take advantage of these welfare programs by putting themselves into multiple programs at once and the government doesn 't get any of the money back since the immigrants don 't pay taxes. When these immigrants are deported it costs over $10,854 and each year over 3.2 billion is spent. Most of the world
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