Negative Effects Of Imperialism In Africa

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Most great achievements also come with some costs. No matter how big or how small, it is common that there will be some amount of damage left over. There has been a numerous amount of hurt and suffering throughout world history, all over the world and in many cases, it has been the result of one country doing what they think is right for themselves but ends up causing pain towards others. The Industrial Revolution and Imperialism in Africa have been two prime examples of great change. During the era of industrialization and imperialism, the hurt and human suffering that the advancements in technology and societal power caused was not worth gaining all of the new discoveries and improvements for some countries. The human suffering caused…show more content…
The next advancement created by the Europeans was the imperialism across Africa. Many different countries started to invade Africa without regards of the of the Africans, for their own benefit and it spread so many negative effects to the African people. The final reason that shows how the negative effects of industrialization and imperialism were far greater than the positive ones, is how many of the outcomes are still visible and occurring today. The Industrial Revolution was a time of new inventions and methods of production, such as factory work. The results of industrialism led to many positive, such as the many new advancements, and negative effects, including the hardships and burdens placed on the people, but the hardships the people gained outweighed the positive effects. Even though the Industrial Revolution had further advanced how they could use technology to their benefit, it was not worth it because of the pain it caused within the workers and the people who lost their work because of new factories. While factories created success for the capitalist and factory owners, it also created great trouble. Such a how the new spinning…show more content…
Although, the Industrial Revolution resulted in very much pain, the Europeans did just as much damage when they invaded Africa, with no regards to the original African people. The imperialism in Africa included many countries from Europe, all with their own reasons to invade Africa, including land, power, resources, and more. In the text, "Confessions of Faith," Cecil Rhodes states, "Africa is still lying ready for us it is our duty to take it. It is our duty to seize every opportunity of acquiring more territory." This statement illustrates England 's point of view towards imperialism and also provides their reasons for imperializing to Africa. They believed that their own culture and way of life was the best and it would be better if more people of English culture were spread across the world. Following their need to be the best nation, came their need to imperialize and gain more power, which was the cause why the Africans were hurt, not only physical, but also their culture killed and had an everlasting burden placed on them all. In the text, "The Black Man 's Burden," by Edward Morel in 1903, it states, "In its permanence resides its fatal consequences. It kills not only the body merely, but the soul. It breaks the spirit. It attacks the African at

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