Negative Effects Of Internet Pornography

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Lust has been an issue that has affected people for thousands of years. Considered one of the seven deadly sins, lust eventually causes people to act on their desires, resulting in often perverse sin. Over time, people have found ways to fulfill their wants in increasingly clever ways. Comparatively, when a new device or technology is brought into the public, society often makes something that was never intended. Pornography, for example, was created due to man’s need to act on its sexual indulgences almost instantaneously. It makes sense; why have a partner when one can get the same satisfaction in a few short minutes? It is just a natural feeling anyway, right? Unfortunately, acting upon the flesh often results in very serious consequences. When a person views pornography, the individual is affecting nearly all aspects of his or her life in a negative way, whether it be neurological, physiologically, mentally, or relationally. But, people are often unaware of the repercussions until it is too late. To make matters even worse, pornography, especially Internet pornography, has grown substantially from the realization that a profit can be made off of people’s sexual cravings. Furthermore, there are currently no restrictions set on the making and distributing of adult pornography. This means that anyone has access to porn, including children; the need for regulation and supervision has been long overdue. Additionally, with the porn industry making $16.9 billion annually
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