Negative Effects Of Japanese Animation

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Japanese animation and it’s positive effects to a student’s studies “You’ll stumble many times in the future but when you do, each time you’ll have more strength to bounce back” – Nobi Nobita, This is a quote from the famous anime Doraemon. Animation is not started by Japanese but Americans but According to Richard Williams (2001) “Animation started later than 35, 000 years ago where painting of animals on cave walls were sometimes drawn with four feet to show its motions”. The father of animation is Walt Disney who struggle in his life to just give a simple drawing a life. According to Walt Disney he did not make animation films for children’s innocence he made it to try and reach for the innocent days of those who watch it (Marc Elliot, 1995). Later on Japanese Animation was born It is a television animation, typically aimed at adults as well as children but before it became an animation it is first presented as a comic book or manga. Japan now has an highly advance animation industry and it replaced America as the largest exporter of animation (Wu, 2002). Most of the people watching anime are student teenagers. According to Guo Anime’s main purpose is to entertain it’s audiences but sometimes it teaches lessons in life that we can apply in real life 1. Can “anime” help the studies of students? 2. What are the negative effects of anime to students? 3. How Japanese animation influenced students? 4. Is it good to be engrossed in Anime? Anime helps students learn

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