Negative Effects Of Loneliness In College

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University is a vibrant place, the freedom of which many adore and cherish, however, it turns out that university life can be far worse to people who cannot cope with loneliness. Recently, a nationwide Canadian survey (American College Health Association, 2016)1 finds out 69% of university student struggled with loneliness during the school year, and sadly, 44% of them said it was difficult to function, due to loneliness caused by their inability to find company. Though it is inappropriate to assert this is the case across the globe, it is not difficult to deduce every undergraduate in the whole world is likely to face aloneness, given similar situation they face: they leave high school, their old friends, their beloved family, they bump into a place that they are not familiar with, then some of them find themselves trapped in aloneness, consequently, in loneliness.
The best way to cope with loneliness, instead of avoiding aloneness, is to convert the feeling of loneliness into solitude. Aloneness is simply the physical state of being alone, loneliness is often its negative effect -- the pain of aloneness. On the other hand, many are oblivious to the positive effect: solitude, by definition, is the joy derived from being alone (Black, 2003)2. To illustrate their relationship with people, ‘aloneness’ is like a coin with two sides, one is ‘loneliness’ and another side is ‘solitude’, anyone who possesses the coin can choose either side, by choosing their perspective towards
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