Negative Effects Of Mass Media Essay

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The world has always been obsessed with acquiring knowledge and in today 's world it just got a whole lot easier. Information is being spread at an alarming rate, due to the introduction of mass media, which has proven to be very beneficial, but as with most things it has a negative side. To keep in short term mass media is how information is spread within a culture, whether it be through the means of newspaper, television, or the internet. Although nowadays most people have steadily stopped reading newspapers and are now shifting towards digital options on how they receive their information. The internet being fairly new is something that this new generation z and x are going to have to battle and will see the full impact of what mass media can bring throughout their life. The problem is that information can now…show more content…
People have become obsessed with technology and what it can do, and that 's something that I have also seen in myself while tracking my hours, a quick glance at my log will reveal that I too have fallen victim at the hands of my phone. Mass media is a contributing factor to the lives of many it is becoming a crucial part to everyday life, which in this digital age where mass media evolved into something we depend on to “live”, it also determines how we act, and has changed the way humankind lives over a short time period, it is ultimately affecting the way we think.

The introduction of Television is a remarkable invention that changed the way people saw the world and it gave them something to depend on when it came to entertainment, news and brought families together. Although the news is not thought as to be amusing in the public eye, it is in my household where
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