Negative Effects Of Mass Media

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Effects of Mass Media
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EFFECTS OF MASS MEDIA Effects of Mass Media
Rapidly mass media has progressed over the years; emerging with new technology and changing the way people view the world. Before any modern forms of media begin to emerge on the scene, people viewed media through verbal speech and writings, a major source being the newspaper. Life has changed dramatically since the major upgrade and change in media development. There are now so many different types of devices that deals with media such as: cell phones, television, computers, just to name a few. Television has really improved since the 20th century because they were only seen in black and white color, but now there
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The bad effects that television has developed, childhood obesity. Television has increased the growing epidemic in the United States. This has been a struggle with this new generation of youth. When kids are in front of the TV playing their games, watching movies and there Disney shows, they seem to snack more than the average child. The second was TV has changed American culture has been the negative affect on marriages. It is just my opinion, but the reason I feel this way is because the increase of TV shows that deal with affairs. Television has also declined in family time, with at least 31 hours of TV is watched in a house hold during a full week. When I grew up there was no way I could or wanted to stay in the house to watch television, but you can tell that this is a whole new generation. Television commands many hours of our day, its shown that it seems to compete with our other sources of our interactions. It can also influence the viewers attitudes and beliefs, based off things that they may see on TV. A very good quality for television is the tool to be able to keep us informs of what’s going on around the world without having to be present. The use of cellphone has increased our security and access to always be with our loves ones. With this new scipe and hangouts and so many other different apps you are able not to just talk to your family and friends but also see them. The advancement of cellphones has really taken off and become a epidemic with all the various different types. They are mini computers that can do everything, from giving directions, making call, playing music and being able to link to the internet, so you can surf the web. I can only see technology becoming even more advanced as we move
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