Negative Effects Of Mass Tourism

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Introduction Mass tourism is a planned program of huge numbers of people to dedicated positions. Mass tourism has both good and bad effect on a country or region. It is popular because during mass tourism companies and resorts make package deals for the tourists that provides travelling cost, accommodation cost, activities and foods. Overview Mass tourism has many positive impacts on a country and region in various ways. Its provides local community by making new roads and rail, good electricity supply. Local people also benefited infrastructure developments and services. So mass tourism helps economically by solving unemployment problems. For example, the hotel housing sector alone offers 11.3 million jobs in 1995. Tourists maintenance 7%…show more content…
Firstly, Jobs are badly paid and seasonal since it’s very hard to mobilize a given number and most not ready to meet their expenses which is counted as negative impacts. Traffic caused by tourists in case they are touring the same area with the locals especially in cities. Again transporting people places causes global warming since many vehicles are to be used though in the short run. Mass tourism also produces many waste and garbage. Tourism can increase litter and pollution is sound pollution and food packages which is counted as negative environmental impacts of mass tourism. Can lead to the destruction of natural habitats if camping is part of the schedule. Mass tourism is prone to terrorism especially to most targeted countries. Again due to mass tourism, many areas which are related to the tourist destination are damaged. Which resulted as negative socio-cultural negative impacts of mass…show more content…
Approximately 77% of the ship is used in tourism basin. The average tourism vessels carry 600 crew members and 1,400 travelers. On a competitive ship, tourists are daily 3.5 kilograms of crab - compared to 0.8 kilograms made by low-rich people on the beach. There are 109 countries with coral reefs. Among their 90 travel ships are damaged by journalists and fertilizers, by the public, by the tourists to stop the tourists' erosion and sell the tourists. A study of anchor ship anchor released on a coral edge for one day is found almost half of a football field stops altogether, and after half as much as it is covered by filling after which dies. It was valuable that the initial recovery took fifty years. (UNEP magazine for environmentally sustainble development,

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