How Does The Media Have A Negative Effect On Body Image

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Every day, there are girls who look in the mirror and all they see is fat and ugly. Every day, boys look at themselves and say, “too scrawny”, “to fat”, “not enough muscles”. Every day people starve themselves just to fit into society’s mold of what the perfect person looks like. Every day we see stick thin models and buff male celebrities on television, in advertisements, and in other forms of media. The media influences people all the time to have a negative body image and nobody is doing anything to stop it. With mounting evidence of the media having negative effects on body influence, people are becoming concerned (Eating Disorders). There are many causes and effects of this problem, but there are also things we can do to fix it. Body image is how a person thinks or feels about his/her body (Body Image). Many people do not even notice, but the media influences body image almost every day. Widespread glorification of thinness in magazines and on television influences young girls to diet (Anorexia Nervosa). Young girls should not be thinking about dieting, they should be think about turning in their next english essay or scoring a goal at the soccer game on friday. In recent years, multiple…show more content…
We need to talk back to the media and show them that their idea of beauty is wrong. Beauty and body image are unique and diverse, and everyone should be able to feel confident in their own skin. It is affecting not only young adult women, but also men, and it starts at a young age so that it is drilled into our head. If people stop the media and talk back we can all be happier and more confident in our bodies. We need to come together to take action because one thousand, one million, or even one billion people have a stronger voice than only one. There is nothing wrong with anyone's body, however, there is something wrong with people who try to tell you

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