Negative Effects Of Medical Tourism

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This study covers medical tourism and the factors which motivate people from other countries to go overseas to receive medical treatment or service. The current situations in chosen Asian countries, being the centers of the developing nations and smart cities in the East, are assessed in these various categories- affordable costs, high health care quality, and the availability of specialized clinical services and technology. One is not presumed to be more superior than the other as they are altogether, considered as indispensable in making medical tourism plausible and sustainable.
Going beyond these factors subconsciously considered by foreigners, and transitioning to the point of view of the host country, a competitive edge has to be established even before they can implement medical tourism. More so, there’s an imminent dilemma arising- whether or not these motivations and decision factors of foreigners are enough reasons for the government to pursue and invest heavily in medical tourism, in the hopes of using this as a leverage in building a smart city.
A closer look at some of the developing Asian countries context, namely Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and India, points to the reevaluation of developing medical tourism in smart cities. If the negative effects of medical tourism outweigh the positive effects that come with it, this issue must be dealt with properly by the government, making sure that these harms will be responded to accordingly.
The introduction
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