Negative Effects Of Misleading Advertising

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In today’s world of 21st century, the advertisements have playing in a role of an irresistible tool for every companies to engage customers around the world. Because of this, the companies have an intention of paying actors or models great amount of money so that they praise and affirm their brands in front of the public. They published their advertisements on various magazines and websites in which it is clear that the growth of trend lead the companies to start portraying false and misleading advertisement and attract the customers. The result is, it causes an adverse effect on the customers all over the world. The products which are known to be useful are taken and being utilized by the customers and the results turned out to be
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The company marketing rely on different type of advertisements to show that their products or services are way better or more efficient than others. The advertising grows all over the world of business where the concepts are intertwined not only aesthetics and psychology issues but also economics and sociology issues. This is why advertising interpretation is a complicate and complex problem because each person perceives the information differently, and the information itself is never a complete objective. The advertisers submitting misleading advertisement which affects directly on consumers’ decision as they try to convince consumers to believe in advertisers’ ideas. As a result, consumers ended up purchase products or services at a higher prices or lower quality than they had intended. User’s interests are violated, while trying to suggest that the product or services has unique features, in this case, the users get defraud to promote themselves to accept disadvantageous decisions. As advertising has the potential to persuade people into commercial transactions that they should be avoided, many governments around the world therefore use regulations to control false, deceptive or misleading advertising. The customers have the right…show more content…
It is clear that advertising helps stimulate the market demand in order to increase sales of the output of the company. Advertising alone may succeed in achieving customer acceptance, preference or even demand for the product. In fact, almost every company or any business want to promotes their products and services by advertisement as it is one of the most effective marketing strategies. It can also bring the opportunities and changes to the company financial performance and sales. This strategy of marketing is efficiently used with at least one other sales method such as personal selling or point of purchase display to directly move customers to buying action. Consumer buying decision is basically known as a cognitive process. Consumers are aware of their needs r wants, therefore, they search for the possible ways to satisfy it. Awareness of the consumer is actually not an automatic process, instead, it is selective external procedure. For example, thousands of advertisements are displayed everywhere for the consumers to view in which it contains messages that persuade them whether it is about advertising, political organization, religious groups, food products, and many more of other resources. This various information that seeks out customer attention is then filtered out by individual in order to make the decision in buying

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