Essay On The Impact Of Mobile Phones On Teenagers

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We life in the world where every day technology is developing more and more. There are many different types of phone and apps. Most of people especially teens use them every day. For example, British 12-15-year-olds teenagers send an average of 200 messages a week (R.Bertrand,2012). It’s clear that teenagers love their phones. So, what are the positive and negative impacts of mobile phone?
I would like to know what effect they have on them. Also I choose this topic, because all of my friends have phones and I see rarely them when they are not on their phones. I have interest “is it sensible or is not to have a mobile phone?” Moreover, other reason of my choosing this topic is that, I have read article, where said about
What impact do mobile phones have on teenager’s?
The world’s
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The reason is that if a school 's library is outdated or lacking in a selection of titles, a student might find it difficult to compile the necessary research for an essay or research paper. There was a primary method in the video, survey of teachers, with the next question: "How do student cell phones impact the effectiveness of your tutoring lessons," 44% of tutors responded that cell phones had no impact on the lesson whatsoever. Moreover, 54% responded that cell phones were a great resource for students. 54% of teacher is the largest number. That makes his reason stronger because teachers know better the effects of cell phones on the lessons. The math tutor noted that, "The ability to quickly look up math formulas and examples on smartphone is an invaluable tool during study time" (William McCoy, Demand Media). The author clearly expressed his point of view. Reason is supported by evidences from own experience. The author is a teacher who is an expert in education
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