Negative Effects Of Multitasking Essay

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Teens and Multitasking It is seen every day; teens everywhere walk around staring intently at their cell phones, their music while trying to focus on an assignment, or watch television when they have a task to complete. People do not realize just how much they multitask in one day. It has become the new norm in the modern world. There has been much debate in recent years over whether or not multitasking is bad for teens. Multitasking can have positive or negative effects; it is the situation that determines if it is beneficial. There are a numerous amount of ways in which multitasking can be harmful to your brain function. Many people believe that if they are doing many things at one time that they are accomplishing more; this, however, is not the case. When you “[d]o two or more things simultaneously, [you]…show more content…
Someone who is multitasking may not get as much done as someone who is focused on just one thing, but they feel good about what they achieved. Doing multiple things at one time negatively influences productivity, but it can enhance your mood and make you feel more accomplished (Taylor). People who frequently multitask are often better at working in situations where they have to work with distractions, or have no other option but to do multiple things at one time. There was a study conducted at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, in which 63 volunteers were asked to interpret two different sources of auditory and visual information at the same time. The conclusion of this study was that media-multitasking can have a positive effect on “cognitive skills and multisensory integration”, this meaning that people who frequently multitasked were more efficient at comprehending different sources of information and using two or more senses at one time (Nauert). Multitasking is frowned upon by many, but there are some good things that can come out of
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