Negative Effects Of Music In Advertising

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Do you ever find yourself humming a song or hook you heard in a commercial because it’s catchy? When you needed a service or product have you ever contacted a company you once saw an advertisement for because it was memorable to you? Music plays a major role in advertising. Companies use music to help radio, TV and internet advertisements catch the audience’s attention. The music used in the advertisement can improve the successfulness of the ad by connecting to the consumers mood, situation or needs. The use of music inside the advertisement targets the viewers memory or it can target a specific group of people. Music is influential. Advertisements can make a viewer cry, smile, trigger memories, and even encourage viewers to buy a product when it’s combined with the right music. When creating a productive advertisement, memorability matters, but successful ads do more than just create memories for their audience. While it’s important for consumers to remember the message in their advertisement, connecting on an emotional level can directly lead to a purchase. The best ads…show more content…
Its capability to aid viewers to connect with the information provided and produce an emotional response should not be overlooked. Additional studies on the effectiveness of music in advertisements affecting purchasing influence and brand attitudes should be conducted. People have different ideas on what constitutes good music but regardless of what type of music you think is the best, you can’t deny the fact that music is the most important part of advertising. Music strategically placed in advertisements is the most intelligent idea in advertising history. With music on every platform – Television, radio, computers and phones – getting the right advertisement matched with the right music has never been more important. Music has become an important part of entertainment with advertising in movies, TV shows, and online

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