Summary: Negative Effects Of Photoshopping

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Negative Effects Of Photoshopping
“16% of highschool boys have eating disorders. This is important because it lets you know that girls are not the only ones who have insecurities. This is important for people in America to knowabout because the more people (adults) know and learn about it so that they can prevent young adults from using it.. 16% of high school boys have an eating disorder. There are many negative effects of photoshopping that can emotionally, physically and socially harmful to young teen girls. When looking at photoshopping one important aspect is how it impacts an individual emotionally.” A lot of teens girls look down on themselves because their body does not look like most girls that they see” (Mazzeo). This basically
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“Photoshopping is usually an app for girls that aren't confident with the way that they look” (mostly girls not men) (Mclean.). This means that the majority of teen girls use it because they are not happy with the way they look.” 15% of 2,000 18-24 year old girls think that celebs and models are what they really look like”(Lanniello). Further explanation girls shouldn't believe that every girl they see on the internet is what the really look like. 9 in 10 people in the world would like to see all different types of body varieties (shapes) (Lanniello). This means that not everyone wants to see just skinny thin girls all time. Young teen girls are more afraid of gaining weight the getting cancer(Waynshten). For example more girls are more concerned about what their bodies look like than they are about their health. “78% of 17 year old girls are very unhappy with their bodies”(Waynshteyn). However most teen girls are not happy with they look like. 42% of girls in grades 1-3 want to be thinner(Waynshteyn). This means that they start wanting their bodies to look different at a very young age. “You do not need to chop off half of half of a womens thigh off to advertise a product”(Waynshteyn). This means that you do not need to change any part of your body just to show something off to the world or to feel good about themselves. This prong is important because it explains the way…show more content…
A good solution to try to get rid of it is to get high school health classes to talk about it to students(Mazzeo). Further explanation is that if they talk about this at school it can help teens understand why this is bad and why they should not do it. Must stop exposing kids and teens to this stuff and have parents watch them check when they are online(Lanniello). Basically means that parents should make sure that there children are not using the app. There a lot of consequences for the body such as “eating disorders from the social media” (Mclean). Therefore, people should not photoshop because something bad will come from it. Girls who share photos online often use the apps 3-5 times a day(Mclean) This means that girls use this app a lot everyday. “When the covers of magazines change culture does to”(Lanniello). therefore example, if someone put a picture of girl with a big butt in the cover of a magazines and it is not her real butt then other girls are gonna start changing their body because they want to look like that. Girls get the idea of a perfect body from social media. Therefore, girls should not be paying attention to what other girls look like. Girls use photoshopping to hide their image when sharing on social media(Mclean). This means that they use it when they want to post their pictures online. Social media has the strongest associations with body disorders than other

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