Are Pitbulls Good Or Bad

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bulls are among the most misunderstood and maligned breeds of dogs in many regions across different continents. Over the years, the media has been portraying them in a negative light. This kind of portrayal has largely been due to the misconceptions and myths associated with pit bulls. Prior to this negative depiction of pit bulls, they were considered, and rightly so, the “perfect nanny dog” by children (Holland). They were seen as friendly in nature, stable, loyal as well as non-aggressive to children and adults. However, this has since changed, especially after 1990s when the media inappropriately started portraying pit bulls as bloodthirsty monsters that are innately dangerous and harmful compared to other dog breeds (Coile 15). As a result…show more content…
For example, some people state that pit bull breeds have locking jaws. They also generalize and say that they are overly aggressive towards human beings. It is also their view that pit bulls are dangerous to adopt, especially if one has no known history and parentage from a shelter or rescue is not known (Dickey 63). There is also a widespread myth that pit bulls are preferred by people with irresponsible breeding habits; effectively stating that pit bulls attract the most irresponsible and worst form of dog owners (Marrs). All these perceptions and myths have only served to malign pit bulls and to make them unattractive to the majority of people in the society. They have also led to high rates of abandonment, torture and abuse of this breed of dogs compared to other breeds (Landau…show more content…
It should first be noted that this myth is a stereotype that is simply aimed at the generalization of the entire breed and consequently condemning it on the basis of the actions of a few of them (Landau 70). When evaluated on own merit rather than the breed, one can easily find out that a pit bull is truly a good dog that is inherently friendly to humans and other dogs. The argument that pit bulls are aggressive towards humans and other dogs is unfounded (Marrs 2018). It is a pit bull that is purposefully trained to attack people or that has been bred poorly that is aggressive; otherwise, all pit bulls are generally non-aggressive to people and other dogs (Lam
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