Negative Effects Of Political Dynasty In The Philippines

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The politics in the Philippines has been very controversial in such a way that there are a lot of issues from one politician to another. They have been exposed to different kinds of issues, from graft and corruption to mud slinging to controversial laws being passed, budget allocation, political dynasty and many more. In this paper, we will only focus on the problems as to why anti-political dynasty bill has not been passed yet. Political dynasties are very common from local government to national government. We view political dynasty as a threat in the destruction of democracy in our country in, which our fellow Filipinos fought against President Marcos. Up until now, for almost 28 years, we still don’t have the Anti- political dynasty bill (Kenawas, 2015). To name a few of the big political clans in the country, we have the Binays, Estradas, Marcoses, the Aquinos, Arroyos, Revillas and many more. Today, these clans have been running from one position to another and they replaced by their children, spouse and siblings if they reached the term limit. They are very influential in their respective cities and they always get the votes of the people. These political dynasties result to a monopolization of power. Although there are a lot of negative effects of political dynasty, on the contrary, there is still a positive effect such as their children, spouse and siblings are exposed in leading people and their projects for their respective cities will still continue and exist

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