Life Expectancy Essay

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Life Expectancy

According to the population reference bureau, as of 2011 the world population is at 7 billion. Based on these figures, the implication is that people now tend to live longer than people did in the past. This can be attributed to several factors such as improved public healthcare, food supply (to include nutrition), as well as medicine but perhaps the most important change that we have encountered in recent years is the relative ease and access to information as it relates to living healthier lives. Another major factor are shifts in the leading causes of death from infectious diseases to chronic conditions. Prior to the industrialization, the risk of death was extremely high as there were no vaccines for diseases
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This objective was met in 2010 however; certain countries and regions are still struggling. The Population Reference Bureau states that there are 1.2 billion people living in extreme poverty who “survive” on less than $1.25 a day, with a disproportionate amount living in Asia and Africa. In addition the rates of extreme poverty dropped dramatically in China as well as India, the size of their respective populations are indicative of these countries being two of the top five countries that share in the extreme poor. (Population Reference Bureau…show more content…
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