Negative Effects Of Power In Antigone

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The quote by Lord Acton said “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Even though a leader with power can be uplifting and provide perspective, power does have negative effect on others because powerful leaders become overbearing and corrupt. In Antigone, King Creon is a self-absorbed, corrupt and overbearing leader. He is power Driven to the point he will do anything to maintain his power and authority, even if that means killing his family and friends. He brazenly states, “ Do you want me to show myself weak before people? Or to break my sworn word? No, and I will not. The women dies . I suppose she’ll plead ‘family ties.’ Well, let her. If i permit my own family to rebel” this confirms Creon is an arrogant man who does not see that Antigone did the right thing and all he does see is that he might lose his…show more content…
Power can do things to people that are coincidental and controlling. In the story, power took control over Creon to where all he sought out for was maintaining and gaining more power. The negative effects power has on people is upsetting considering that they are narrow-minded because they do not see anyone else getting hurt, they see themselves gaining power. Just like King Creon, a person who gains power and becomes somebody who is unethical and high-handed, will eventually use that power for himself and not others. Everyone who has power can gain the negative acts of power, but the negative acts are easily avoidable by being a leader and
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