Negative Effects Of Print Media

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Nowadays, the lifestyle “culture” we are living has changed; it is not the same as the one was before a couple of years. Culture is something reflect or represent a specific group of people that share characteristics and knowledge such as language, cuisine, religion, art, music and social habits. Culture nowadays differs from culture in the past somehow. There are many factors that affect the culture and make changes. One of the most common factors is communication technology. Communication technology itself is developing and changing by time. And in this report, we are going to talk about communication effects on culture, both positive and negative effects. And also give an explanation and examples of the technologies that
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Definitely, it has come a long way. Printing is a process or method that uses ink on paper to show us text and images and by making the use of a printing press. We use print media to spread information about everyday news and events, which is the main use of it. However, it is the fastest way to reach the audience in the society. Apart from that, it also provides entertainment to the readers of print media such as magazines and newspapers. These magazines and newspapers cover articles and tell articles that create a lot of interest in the minds of the audience. One more advantage of print media is the cost. It is quite inexpensive and can target a huge population at once. Print media, is one of the oldest type of advertising methods. However it also remains to be one of the most popular types of advertising. Because it can reach a wider target audience as we mentioned before. There are many types of print media, which help advertisers to target a specific group of people. These types are: flyers, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, posters/ banners, brochures, books and…show more content…
It also can be in signage posted on the exterior. Outdoor advertising works well for promoting the advertisement of any product in specific geographic areas for specific audience. For the small-business owner transit, bus benches and billboards can be very effective for outdoor campaign.

Electronic media and new social media can be any device that stores information and allows us to share or use this electronic information. This media includes Internet, radio, fax, television, CDs, DVD and any other electronic method, not the same as print media. It uses electronics or electromechanical energy to let audience (user) to access the needed information. New social media is a type of sharing information and communication using websites and apps. Some of the common social networking websites and apps are:
- DeviantArt (art community).
- Facebook: (blogs, photos, apps and videos).
- Flickr: (commenting on photos, photo sharing, photography related
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