Negative Effects Of Rap

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Lately, many prominent rappers have been bringing up a serious problem in this country that has so far gone unaddressed, and that happens to be mental health. In the USA, especially among the black population, mental illness is growing at an increasing rate, and politicians have done little to remedy the situation. However, with rap being the most popular genre of music and with artists such as Kanye West and Logic mentioning suicide in their songs, this could be what leads to reforms in the mental healthcare system. With hip-hop easily being the hottest genre in music right now, many rappers are not only expressing their personal struggles, but they are also giving others a voice who otherwise would not have any way to communicate their struggles. Another artist, Lil Uzi Vert, also contemplated suicide because he was depressed about a failing relationship. On the other hand, there is also a lot of negativity towards rap. A lot of this is because some rappers, such as N.W.A, wrote songs that demonized the police, such as their song “Fuck the Police,” which talks about the racist tendencies of police. As a result of the group already being very well known, they caused hateful sentiment towards police to be deemed socially acceptable. One negative influence of rap and hip-hop that is unfortunately common throughout rap is themes that condemn certain parts of society, such as the police. Unfortunately, now, there are so many rappers who advocate and even encourage the use of
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