Negative Effects Of Rape

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A fifteen-year-old girl is assaulted by eighteen boys, most of them not much older than she is. Sonia, another fifteen-year-old, is raped by seven of her supposed friends in the basement of her own apartment building. Sheherezade, eleven, is beaten and raped repeatedly over the course of a year by twelve different boys (Dickey). Each case horrific and terrifying, all of which go unpunished and without consequences. As grim as the idea of rape with limited to no punishment can be, it is becoming a reality. From not being taken seriously to being completely ignored, rape and sexual assault are treated as minor crimes to many people. Certain laws allow these crimes to be brushed away when in reality, rape can be fatal. The severe impact rape and sexual assault can have on a person lasts a lifetime, with no breath of fresh air or sanity. The mild consequences perpetrators face desensitizes the rest of the world and our growing society to the true horrors of rape and strengthens rape culture. Rape culture and sexual assault are still as prevalent as ever and growing in our modern day society, yet perpetrators don 't face harsh enough punishments when even acknowledged. Rape culture and sexual assault are growing epidemics in the world today that need to be taken seriously. Several people do not even know what rape culture is, therefore they don’t know when they’re encouraging it. Rape Culture is an environment in which rape and sexual violence are normalized and excused.

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