Negative Effects Of Reality Shows

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The world of media is now accommodating reality television shows, allowing them to take up about fifty seven percent of all the shows on the screen (‘Shocking Statistics | Reality Television: Creating a World Where No One Is Real on’). These kinds of shows are referred to as reality TV shows which are television programs about ordinary people who are filmed in ordinary situations, rather than actors (Cambridge Dictionaries Online). Over time the boundary between normal people and the media has become more and more ambiguous, thus various kinds of reality TV shows have made their appearance into the field of world wide media. Spontaneous melodramatic scenes and actual events are the usual themes of the show. Moreover, ordinary people rather than celebrities are the ones getting the spotlight. With the increasing amount of reality TV shows, serious problems have made their appearance unto the “real” world. These kinds of shows have been affecting the society in a way that could be an adverse effect especially for teenagers. Although reality TV shows are now a colossal part of the media and its culture, they work as negative factors in a society and watching them should be discouraged, for the common themes of the show are highly aggressive, provide inappropriate education, and its extent of creating racial stereotypes has become stronger. Despite its negative effects, reality television show can be positively influential for its participants as well as young
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