Negative Effects Of Reconstruction

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The degree of success in any situation depends on the point of view, especially in history. In American history, the start of the Civil War tested the nation 's bond of unity but changed with the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. The executive order drafted by President Abraham Lincoln was both a political and military tactic. Its purpose was to "free" slaves in Confederate lands, meaning the only way slaves could escape was to disobey their masters and flee to the North and join their army as protection. The period between 1865 - 1877 known as reconstruction, an effort to bring peace to North and the South and reunite the nation. Reconstruction has led to both negative and positive outlooks, its lead to different laws, bills, and even altered the Constitution at one time. Some were meant to protect black rights, and others intended to destroy them while restoring white supremacy. During the Reconstruction period, 3 different points of views on how should Congress go about rebuilding the South. President Lincoln had ideas of his own, Lincoln 's plan for Reconstruction consisted of leniency and Lincoln giving amnesty to the South. He believed that punishing the South for causing the Civil War wasn 't morally right. Only under certain conditions were Southern states allowed to enter the Union, and once again become a nation. Ten percent of southern voters must swear loyalty to the Union, they could readmit. Once the voters sore, then called the state draft a new state

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