Negative Effects Of School Bullying

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Bullying continues to be a serious problem in schools. In schools, bullying occurs in nearly any part in or around the school premises. School bullying at most consists of a group of students abusing or isolating one or more students, particularly for gaining respect and dominance over others and bystanders who, in some cases want to avoid becoming the next victim. This is a very broad issue that affects high school students in three imperative parts of their lives; psychologically, educationally, and professionally. (Rigby & Smith 2011). The negative practices of bullying include intentionally or unintentionally causes damage to, bothers another person, verbal abuse (threats, scorn, offensive words, and nicknames), physical abuse (beating, pushing, slapping, hair pulling, pinching, and obstructing passage to another), through more subjective insinuating ways (obscene gestures, exclusion, refusal to fulfill the other’s desires) and online abuse (cyberbullying). (Connel, 2015) A victim in the short term may feel depressed, anxious, angry, excessive stress, helplessness, drop of school performance or worst commit suicide (bullycide). In the long term they may feel insecure, lack of trust, exhibit extreme sensitivity (hyper-vigilant), or develop a mental illness such as psychopathy, avoidant, personality disorder and or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They may also desire vengeance, sometimes leading them to torment others in return. The educational effects on victims of

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