Negative Effects Of School Uniforms

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All humans have the right to freedom of speech. Is a public school dress code requirement violating that freedom of speech if it protects student human rights? Research has shown that while many people believe school uniforms to have some negative effects on teachers, students, and their parents, uniforms have more benefit than just looking nice at school. Being required to wear school uniforms prevents violence, promotes higher motivation for academic learning, and encourages more respect for everyone in the school environment. Wearing uniforms has an impact on the student’s school years, so they should be required to be worn every day of school. One of the first things people think about requiring school uniforms is that it doesn’t…show more content…
While many students find this fun and a good way to raise money, many secondary students still choose to wear their school uniform for the day (even if they also donate to the charity). When I’ve asked students why they still wear their uniform, they say they don’t like “contests” that begin between students about who has the latest and greatest item of clothing. They also individually stress the importance of being a student and having pride in the school they attend. Many of these students say dress-down days are somewhat distracting. While all of this may be true, it’s amazing that so many students, after experiencing the school uniform culture, choose themselves to not opt out of the uniform policy even when given the choice (Walmsley). Although the policy of requiring uniforms to be worn at school was waved for those certain days, many students still chose to wear their uniforms when they didn’t have…show more content…
School spirit increases as every student wears school colors along with the logo every day. They would take pride in school and the fact that it’s not just any school, but their school. A lot of students in regular public schools without uniforms lack school spirit. Uniforms help to bring that to students who don’t have motivation to spread school spirit, "It gives them a sense of belonging and a sense of ownership in their school," says Joseph Mabry, the assistant principal of Groveland Elementary (Should Schools Require Uniforms?). Students see and know that they belong in their school, and they wear their uniforms with pride, knowing that they belong to something important. There are plenty of examples of the benefits that take place in many schools because of school uniforms. Schools in China and England require uniforms and have been blessed with the outcome. Parents and administration everywhere care about their children and students. Understanding that uniforms would help problems shows the true benefit of this requirement. Bullying is a huge issue, but uniforms would help. Gang violence, students feeling alone, judgment from other students, lack of unity, lack of school spirit, lack of respect; uniforms would help to solve each of these
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