Negative Effects Of Self-Discovery And Acceptance

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The most famous and down-to-earth people are those who know who they are and those who accept their weaknesses and flaws. These people go through their life attempting to understand their personality and into realizing how they can hone their personality to suit a certain situation. They obtain positive results from their own journey of self-discovery and acceptance. This paper defines self-discovery and acceptance as discovering your individuality, being who you are and accepting and correcting your flaws. This paper intends to foster an understanding of the positive effects of self-discovery and acceptance and attempt to contravene the negative implications of the same.

This paper talks about Meg, from the book A Wrinkle in Time. She is
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Everyone wants to make a difference- to live a life of valuable contribution and the start of that is to realize that human potential has no limits. There are some problems that can result if you do not accept who you are and some of them are you would have self-esteem, you would be living a lie for the whole life, there will be unhappiness in your life, you would become a victim and you will have no trust in yourself. One needs to discover themselves for who they are and the traits and emotions they obtain, that make them the person they are. Self-discovery is a process that lives on throughout your entire lifetime, people keep growing and expanding their horizons as a being.

One, might argue that Charles Wallace had a negative impact upon his journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Although, he did realize that arrogance and pride results in negative outcomes. Human beings, having the ability to alter themselves can use that knowledge to a positive effect
Unlike fictional characters in famous novels, the outcomes of self-discovery and acceptance aren’t nearly as interesting in real life. Even so, they are equally important. Discovering oneself always has a positive outcome on one’s
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