Summary: Negative Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

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Behavioral Problems, one of the negative effects of Sleep Deprivation Amongst many negative effects of Sleep deprivation, I chose to focus on Behavioral problems. Our needs for sleep varies but it is known that 8 hours per night is enough. American adults aren’t getting enough sleep. In fact, we are one of the most sleep deprived nations on earth. That is about 63 million Americans (CDC, 2016) Lack of sleep can be acute (short-term) or chronic (on going). There are three main causes of sleep deprivation: choosing to sleep too little, lack of time to sleep, and medical conditions. Choosing not to sleep results in behaviorally induced sleep deprivation, if the patient has failed to sleep enough for a period of at least three months. That sounds easy enough to remedy, but the challenge is usually to convince the patient…show more content…
A few people who feel always worn out dread they have some ailment, and are agreeably astounded to find the issue can be settled by increase in their sleeping hours. Researchers say the outcomes are the first to clarify on a scientific level that sleep deprivation leads to emotional irrational behavior. The information method I’ve gathered considered exploring the characteristic history of sleep deprivation in a population based example. Members were picked utilizing a stratified probabilistic choice technique in view of the last census, consolidated with an irregular digit determination. From this cohort, baseline data were selected for the age group between 25 and 55 years of age in order to reduce the impact of potential confounding factors. Specifically, individuals in this age range may have a more regular lifestyle and day and night rhythm than in later life stages, and other age and health related problems disrupting sleep quality such as menopause or neurodegenerative diseases are not yet
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