Negative Effects Of Smartphones On Teenagers

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How are smartphones affecting the middle or high school student’s teen life? Well, in the century we live in, technological devices are considered essential. Thus, considering smartphones, many adults and children are being introduced to new relevant technological products everyday around the nation. Although of how beneficial smart devices could be, middle and high school students seem to become too dependent on their cell phones and other 21st Century technology. To emphasize, smartphones in schools are influencing young children, causing students to become less social and consequently, parents are apprehensive. Becoming less social is one of the most common results of using cellphones in schools. While being able to connect with people who are feets away, students seem to favor going to social media or playing video games. To furthermore understand this issue, the article “How young is too young for cellphones in school?,” explains, “Students need face-to-face contact to develop social skills, expand friendships and learn to navigate uncomfortable situations.” In other words, in order for students to be able to gain life experiences from such a young age, they need to socialize. Nevertheless, middle and high school students should not be addicted to devices that generally represents an obstacle in the process of their maturnace growth. Moreover, the article “How young is too young for cellphones in school?,” states, “‘Does that mean some kids get locked out of what 's

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