Negative Effects Of Smartphones On Teenagers

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Negative effect of smartphones on teenager today’s Nowadays, Technology is playing a very important role in people’s life. Its keeps on developing everyday to make the life of each person easier. One of technology are very popular is Smartphones. At present, Smartphones are in the hands of almost every teenager. It has become so common that young children are starting to ask their parent for one. For this reason, it cause of problem in today’s society, our generation is known as the “texting generation “It true that smartphones have many advantage but if teenager using Smart phones too much it can make negative effect on them in the same time such as on their relationship,education and health. It seems that smartphones have become a necessary of our life for a long time. It has developed steadily such as function, quality, and communication. Moreover, at this time smartphones also provide large varieties of applications including games and other media functions such as sending texts, search some information, taking pictures, uploading video and photos to Facebook or Instagram. with the ability of smartphones,it is not surprising that smartphones are popular among teenager. It good if teenager use smartphones in a good way, but if some teenager find themselves so addicted to their smartphone they will meet a lot of problem in their life. One of negative effect of smartphones on teenager is smartphones hurt their relationship. Smart phones
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