Negative Effects Of Smartphones

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In contemporary world, smartphone are playing a very important role in human’s life. It’s a technology that keeps on developing everyday to make the life of each person easier. The impacts of smartphone are obvious include social life, business and pollution. Mobile technology has already changed the cultural specification and behaviour of each person especially in today. The impacts are both at the positive side and negative side. Social life Smartphone is a very fast, convenient and fashionable tool to communicate people easier and get information from all over the world. It also affects human’s social relationships of communication in real life and people overly rely on it instead of other tools. Smartphone addiction is interfering with our night’s sleep. We will check our phones for email, facebook and Instagram throughout the night. We wouldn’t even think of going to bed without have our smartphone’s tucked under our pillows. The addiction to smartphone is impacting the social and family life and creating frictions in our lives. For example, these day people spend a great deal of time using smartphone such as playing game, texting message, listening to music, watching video and surfing internet. Therefore, people isolate themselves to focus on playing with their smartphone instead of sharing time to talk to others, especially at home, during break time at work or school and even if going out to get together with friends. It is easy to see that people’s social
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