Negative Effects Of Social Media Essay

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Social Media
First of all before we talking deep to the argument about “Does social media give negative effects ?” statement I would to introduce what is social media first. Social Media are the big platform we can chat and talk with everyone in this world from long distance, and the place we can know many information from all around the world via virtual communities and network.
Talking about “Does social media give negative effect?” statement, yes social media give negative effect and I’m agree with that statement. Why? Because I saw that many people in this world got the bad effect than the positive. First, social media can ruin childhood nowadays. For the example, they often watch a movie or something on Youtube that had the bad word and the kids usually practice what they heard on Youtube . So it can be a serious problem to them, because it effect their character. And they can be talk a bad word with the other friends at school, so childhood nowadays not innocence anymore.
The second reason, social media can be so addicting. Not only to the child and teenager, but also to the elderly. They can spend an hour or even more than an hour in front of their gadgets for using social media. It can harm our eyes if we look at the gadget for a long time and we have less time with family. Today many people in the public place their busy with their phone and no respect to the other. The third reason, people on social media especially who own an online shopping sometimes act like a
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