Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Social Media Social media is a media to socialize with each other that done online that allows human to interlock each other without being limited space and time. In this era social media is like something that is important to everyone, almost everyone has a social media, as well as adults, teenagers and even today even kids already have social media. Social media is very influential in our lives, because in social media everyone can be free to argue, and we will also be influenced on the opinion of people who we do not necessarily know and not necessarily the opinion of the person is true. There are so many negative impact that social media can bring. There are some negative impact of social media usage such as making us become addicted to social media, excessive use of social media makes us become addicted as, if we should always open social media every day and make an obligation. We can be influenced to always want to know a new information that exist in social media when an information that is not too important for our lives. Social media also makes us lazy to socialize with other people in real life, while socializing in real is very important for our lives. The emergence of social media makes us feel no need to socialized in real life, because in social media we can socialize with others, but it actually makes us useless, because socializing in social media we just do not necessarily know the person is good or bad. Too much socializing with others in social media
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