The Negative Impact Of Social Media On High School Students

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In this chapter, the researchers discusses the different information from different articles, books, internet and other thesis about the social media. It 's effects, benefits and problems towards the life of a high school student. Those that were included in the chapter helps in familiarizing information that are relevant and similar to the present study.

According to Anna Belle La Force, It is no secret that the evolution of the computer has made great advancements in becoming a part of our everyday lives. So much so, that most of us are fixed with one at any given moment. Specifically, social media has become a prominent mode of both receiving and putting out information. Not only do people of this day and age rely on social media
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"Impact of social media on adolescent behavioral health in California" is a study that examines how social media impacts the behaviors of adolescents in California. Studies show that 73% of adolescent teens have used a social networking site, 63% of teen watch online videos, and 52% of teens have commented on a blog.

The study concludes with both pros and cons with the use of social media. Some of the cons were cyber bullying, which 68% of girls nationally report having a negative experience on a social networking site (Girl Scout Study, 2011). Some teens have reported that Facebook can incite fights, especially with the creation of “burn” pages created for the explicit purpose of taunting or teasing others (Boyar, 2010).In California, approximately 23% of teens report being threatened by a peer (CHIS, 2001). Cyber-bullying appears similar in prevalence to offline bullying (Lenhart,
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Most teens use online networks to extend the friendships they already have from other areas of their life, such as school, religious organizations, sports and other local activities (Ito, 2008). Social networking sites provide a way for teens to experience connectedness and opportunities to learn from each other (Ito, 2008).

This is one of many studies that are concerned with the effects of social media. "Study links too much texting, social networking to health risks" is a study that links poor health behaviors such as smoking, drinking and promiscuity to hyper texting and hyper networking. The study defines hyper texting as sending more than 120 messages per day and hyper networking as spending more than 3 hours on social per day. The study does not necessarily conclude that this increased activity is the cause of those unhealthy behaviors but acknowledges that there is a correlation between the

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