Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Social media is tool that many would describe as useful, but the real question is to what extent. While social media platforms help individuals sell themselves for social networking, it holds negative effects towards adolescents. In today’s society it is quite common to see an eight year old with a smartphone, an eight year old! Technology is a beautiful thing, but the saying is “two steps forward one step back.” As social media sites become more popular and easier to access, the concern shifts towards what is exposed to children online and how this affects them. The age for owning a smartphone continues to get gotten younger and younger. Owning a smartphone aids the problem. There are various social media platforms that can be accessed through smart phones. A study done in 2015 by Amanda Lenhart at the Pew Research Center, “the internet use of 1,060 American adolescents ages 13 to 17 years. Of the sample, 92% reported using the Internet daily, with 24% of the sample going online ‘almost constantly’” (Mills 2). Social media platforms contribute to the deformation of character among kids and young adults, changes in their cognitive development, and lack of privacy. Social media alters the cognitive development in children and teens. Research done by Dr. Jay Giedd’s claims that the brain is not fully matured until an individual is in their mid-twenties (Kiesbye 34). The platforms create reasons for today’s youth to procrastinate. As “increasing popularity of these devices
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